How to Bait A Hook?

This might sound like a strange title for an article, but it may seem to me that most people don’t realize ‘how to bait a hook’. Of course they can “thread” a earthworms or mold some man-made bait onto a single hook, but is this really the simplest way to bait a hook? No it’s not, it’s just the way baiting a hook has been done for eons. The funny thing is that doing the way things was anxiously done, is rarely the best way to do something, and baiting a hook is no different ko cuce.

The key to baiting a hook in the proper manner is to think smaller. You see, when you employ smaller hooks, said hooks can be tied in tandem, thus creating a couple of gang hooks. And a couple of gang hooks is the best way to bait a hook. Lets take using live viruses as an example. The old way of baiting a hook consisted of attempting to “thread” a earthworms onto a single hook that entirely too large to help make said earthworms appear somewhat natural. Baiting a hook in this fashion, although popular, usually results is smaller fish “picking” your earthworms to pieces without ever being absolutely hooked.

With a couple of gang hooks a live earthworms can be presented in a completely natural and outstretched manner. And since the hooks are small, many more fish are actually absolutely hooked. So, with a couple of gang hooks not only is the bait (in this case a live worm) presented naturally, it’s also presented in a manner in which the bait is much more effective. Gang hooks truly provide a win-win situation.

The bottom line is if you want to know how to bait a hook, After all really bait a hook, the answer is by making use of gang hooks. The real way to bait a hook is ty trying smaller hooks, and not only that but use two of them as well. The gang hook system was taught to me more than 20 years ago by a trout fishing master, and I’ve personally used them ever since.

As a matter of fact, I will not go live bait fishing without multiple sets of pre-tied gang hooks. They are as much a part of my fishing repertoire as any of my fishing gear. When it comes to baiting a hook, gang hooks are the only way to go. I know, from experience, that gang hooks will out fish single hooks by a factor of at least 2 to 1. I’ll take those probabilities every day of the week, and so should you.